Profile Summary and Status Updates

The profile summary page is the first page you will see when viewing your own or another member's profile. The summary page will display some of the basic details, such as a member's display name, username, avatar image, as well as their member group or rank.

If you're viewing your own profile, just below your display name and avatar image you will see a text box that says Enter your message here... followed by an Update Status button. This area allows you to update the status that other members can see about you. One example for this would be if you plan on being away from the forum for a few days, you could update your status to note that you won't be back until a certain day.

Next on the page will be some additional details about the member whose profile you're viewing. Here you may see some of the following, depending on whether or not a member has chosen to make the info public:

Latest Status: This will be the most recent status update that a member has made. If a member has not provided a status update, this will appear blank.

Web Site: If a member has provided a link to a personal or favorite website, the link to the website will be displayed here.

Birthday: Members have the option to show the full birthday, only show month and day, or can opt to not share any birthday info. What you see here will depend on how the member has chosen to share their birthday info.

Age: If a member has opted to display their full birthday in their profile, their age will be displayed on the page. If the birthday or year of birth is not made public, their age will not show.

Location: If provided, you will see the location of the member here. This info can range from something as broad as a country or state, or could give details right down to the city that the member is from. The info displayed here depends on what the member has provided in their profile. If location info isn't provided by a member, this field will not show on their profile page.

Posts: The count provided here will be the member's total post count on the forum. This will indicate how active a member has been on the forum.

Date Registered: Here you'll see the date and time that the member originally registered their account on the forum. If you're viewing the profile of the main admin account, this also serves as the date and time that the forum was originally created.

Below the personal details above, you'll see a couple of links that are associated with the member's account:

View this member's recent posts: Clicking this link will bring you to a page where you can see all of the posts that the member has made on the forum.

View this member's recent threads: This link will take you to a page that will outline all of the threads that the member has created on the forum.

Lastly, if a member is following other members, or is being followed by other members, you'll see those members listed toward the right side of the summary page. Four random members will display in each section if there are more than four members following or being followed.